Whether you are a new singer, auditioning for college programs or are a professional, my goal is to help you have confidence in your voice and to be able to take the skills you learn in your lessons and apply them to your real world auditions and performances.

Private coaching is available on-line or in person in the NY/NJ area. Set up your free initial consultation today!

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Vocal Technique 

Be confident in your voice! Voice Lessons will focus on breathing, range building, body posture, register balance and repertory. Students will learn exercises designed to balance the registers of chest, middle and head voice and how to apply the exercises to song repertory.

Song Coaching 

Let’s work on your book! Students will work on all aspects of building their unique song/audition book and bringing them to life. The goal is to have material that is perfectly suited to you and showcases what you can do and who you are, making you as castable as possible. Students will take a deep dive into their material, making specific acting choices to truly connect and tell a story.

MT College Audition prep 

In these three sessions, students will tackle the process of auditioning for college Musical Theater programs. Armed with the right material choices, a good self-tape and the confidence in knowing you’re as prepared as you can be, hopefully we can make this arduous process an enjoyable one.

Note: After our initial coaching, students will receive an email with a link to schedule the remaining two sessions.

MT College prep requires a minimum of three sessions at a rate of $285.

After the initial three lessons, you can either purchase another three session pack or do individual sessions as needed.

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