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Lisa Howard: Songs of Innocence & Experience

Lisa Howard: Songs of Innocence & Experience - album coverMy debut album, Songs of Innocence and Experience: The Music of William Finn, is the first solo recording to exclusively feature the music of the Tony Award winning composer and lyricist of Falsettos, A New Brain, Elegies and more.

Released: April 12, 2011

Label: Ghostlight Records

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Track List

1. Listen to the Beat
2. Trina’s Song/I Have Found
3. I Don’t Know Why I Love You (duet with Derrick Baskin)
4. Sailing
5. Bad Boy
6. How To Make Delicious Chocolate Pudding
7. When The Earth Stopped Turning
8. Hold My Baby Back
9. Father to Son / That’s Enough For Me
10. Infinite Joy
11. Songs of Innocence and Experience



Howard has assembled an interesting collection, for the most part excluding songs you might expect. Or songs I might expect; of my 20 favorite Finn songs, only two are present. Finn, in fact, says in his liner note, “though I might have chosen differently, this much is true: anything Lisa sings is perfection.” And I agree.

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Terrific Discs

Howard shines throughout, traversing Finn’s sometimes quirky musical lines with ease, even as she mines the tunes’ emotional (and comic) cores.

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Sound Advice: Singing the Songs of Finn

Lisa Howard has the tools of her singing trade sharpened and uses them with ultimate skill and infinite joy. And it’s a joy to state unequivocally that this is one of the finest vocal CDs to come down the pike in some time.

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A True Gift

Howard’s voice is both lyrical and expressive and her way with Finn’s lyrics is a true gift to the songwriter’s work. That this is her first CD seems crazy. She is an engineer’s dream, her enunciation perfect and her acting chops sheer magic. In “Bad Boy” another Royal Family song, she is both amusing and cynical at the same time in a 1920’s jazz idiom…not an easy combination by any stretch of the imagination.

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One of the Best-Kept Secrets on Broadway

Long one of the best-kept secrets on Broadway, Lisa Howard’s vocal gifts will be out of the bag now that her debut disc, Songs of Innocence & Experience, is available on Ghostlight.

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William Finn Album, Twilight: Breaking Dawn, and More

William Finn, Dan Fogler, Bill Condon, Michael Sheen, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner and stories about working with many more of her exciting co-stars and collaborators await in this comprehensive conversation.

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